Summer Teacher Challenge: Latin Translation from Mrs. Krumwiede

Our ILS teachers invite our students (and parents!) to challenge themselves a bit this summer with our new Summer Teacher Challenge series! We will be sharing a variety of puzzles and challenges from our ILS teachers on our blog throughout the summer and giving you the chance to solve them. Share your solutions in the comments section for each challenge, and you could win a prize!

For each Challenge, students have one week to share their solutions. We will draw a name from the correct responses, and the winner will be able to choose from a variety of great prizes. We will have some fantastic books (including the new illustrated Harry Potter books!) from which to choose, as well as gift cards to Dairy Godmother!

Our first Summer Teacher Challenge comes from 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Krumwiede. Try your hand at translating this short story from Latin into English, and the best translation will win! (For our younger Latin scholars, a glossary of terms is included in the comments section. For our older scholars, we encourage you to give us your best translation without using the glossary!)

Puer Parvus et Luna Magna
Puer parvus magnam lunam cum oculis spectat. Luna magna in eo lucet. Lux eum adit et puer parvus lunam magnam laudat, “Sum parvus. Es magna. Adsum. Abes. Eheu! Deus ea magna et parva creat!” Puer parvus ad stellas et lunam cantat. Est laetus. Deus puerum spectat et gaudet, “Hic puer mihi gaudium dat et eum beabo.”