Baccalaureate Vespers 2019

After sitting through dozens of graduation speeches that were a terrible waste of time, the brilliant educator and critic Neil Postman wrote the sort of commencement address he wished would be given but never is. In it he talks about two groups of ancient people, the Athenians and the Visigoths. This is because, Postman said, you soon must align yourself with the spirit of one or the spirit of the other. You must choose between the Athenians or the Visigoths.

The Athenians developed a political democracy, invented philosophy, and one of their scientists conceived of the atomic theory of matter 2,300 years before it ever occurred to a modern scientist. They sang beautiful poems and wrote plays that are still performed today. They loved beauty and strove for excellence.

The Visigoths, by contrast, were good at one thing: killing. Their language was barbaric, their art grotesque. They loved to burn books and destroy buildings. Nothing of this people remains.

ILS Field Day 2019

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our 2019 ILS Field Day! It was a fun-filled day of races, games, and competitions, including a giant Jenga tournament, soccer, a dunk tank, giant lawn bowling, tug-of-war, sack races, water balloon tosses, face-painting, popsicles and much more! Thank you to all our teachers and parents for helping make the day a memorable one for all our students!

What We're Reading (June edition)...

It’s the last week of school, and we’re just days away from the start of the summer break! The year has flown by, and we are grateful for all our ILS families and students helping to make this a most wonderful year.

As we head into summer, we’re sharing the last edition of "What we're reading..." for the 2018-2019 school year! Don’t worry, we’ll continue to post over the summer, and as always, we hope that you’ll continue to share any articles or news that you’ve found interesting that we should include in an upcoming edition.

Want to join us for some summer reading?

This summer, ILS is pleased to host a Summer Book Club! Parents and friends of ILS are invited to join us each month as we read and gather to discuss a short selection. Please use the form below to let us know if you will be able to attend one or more of these discussions!

Join us on Thursdays at 7 pm. Reading selections and options to order, included via the links below.

June 13: The Golden Key by George MacDonald 
July 11: Revelation by Flannery O'Conner 
August 8: Leaf by Niggle by J. R. R. Tolkien (copies available in the ILS office)

Let us know if you can join us!

Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Kendall B.

In just over a week, we will be celebrating with our ILS Class of 2019 at our Graduation Vespers Service. It is hard to believe that our year is fast coming to a close, and we will soon be saying our farewells to our graduating 8th grade students. These past weeks, we’ve been counting down alongside our 8th graders with some reflections and memories from their time at ILS in our "Meet Us Monday" series. We hope you enjoy getting to better know the members of the ILS Class of 2019 and that you will join us next week, on Wednesday, June 5th, as we celebrate with our Graduation Vespers.

Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Jack B.

The clock is racing to the end of the year as we’re now just two weeks from Graduation! As we prepare to bid farewell to the graduating members of our ILS Class of 2019, we’ve asked each of them to spend some time reflecting and reminiscing with us about some of their favorite times here at Immanuel. It has been delightful to hear some of the things that they remember most about their years at ILS, and we look forward to seeing great things from each of these students as they head to high school and beyond. This week, we continue our "Meet Us Monday" series hearing from another member of our ILS Class of 2019. We hope you enjoy getting to better know our wonderful 8th graders, and we thank them for taking the time to respond and share more about themselves!

4th Grade Student Poem: "Summer"

We take delight in seeing how our students’ imaginations are sparked by what they are learning and discussing in their classrooms. Inspired by reading the novel The Wind in the Willows in literature and learning of the character, Ratty's, penchant for poetry, two ILS 4th grade students, Linden and Caroline, were motivated to jointly compose their own original piece. The class has also been discussing literary devises such as alliteration, which readers will find plentifully in their poem, metaphor, and personification. Enjoy!

By Linden & Caroline (4th grade)

I remember when I was young
The sunny Saturdays in the celestial sun
The waving water so cool and refreshing
On the blowing breath of the morning breeze. 

Now I sit in the dusty dungeon of winter
Thinking of those sonorous summers
Wishing I could be there now
And seeing the drawing dawn of day.

But now the summer has come
And I see my full self again!
The weather's warm, the sun is singing,
And I hear the cuckoo's cry again. 

I see the sunflowers, I pick the plums.
I hear the crowing cock that cries
And see the ripe, red strawberries
And the blue birds flying over me.

And now this poem has come to an end. 
But do not be sad.
For summer will come again. 

Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Reagan B.

We are now just over three weeks from Graduation for the ILS Class of 2019! It is hard to believe that the year is so quickly nearing its end, but we hope that you are enjoying our look back with our 8th graders as they reflect on both their final year at ILS as well as the years they have spent learning and growing together. This week, we continue our "Meet Us Monday" series with another member of our ILS Class of 2019, and as always, we hope you enjoy!

Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Lucas S.

We hope you are enjoying our Class of 2019 “Meet Us Mondays” series as we hear from our 8th graders in their own words their favorite ILS memories and traditions, words of wisdom they remember from their teachers, highlights from their 8th grade year, and where they’ll be heading to high school in the fall. It is hard to believe that we’re just a month out from the end of the school year, and it is even harder to believe these students will soon be graduating. We truly appreciate our Class of 2019 taking the time to reflect on their time at ILS and share some great memories with us all here on the blog!

What We're Reading (May edition)...

It is hard to believe that we have already begun the last full month of the school year and are sharing our next to last edition of "What we're reading..." for the 2018-2019 school year!

As we do throughout the year, our feature includes a wide variety of articles and sermons that we have found to be interesting. This month, we explore education, a look at summer screen time for kids, vocation, black holes, history and duty. We conclude with sharing Pastor Esget’s sermon from Easter 2019.

Have you read (or written!) anything recently that you think we and other ILS families may enjoy? We always welcome you to share any articles or blogs with use to consider including in future blog features.

Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Elbethel S..

It is almost May, and we have just over a month until graduation! As we countdown the remaining weeks in the 2018-2019 school year, we’re invited our wonderful 8th grade students to reminisce and share with us a bit about their time at ILS in our "Meet Us Monday" series. Whether they’ve been at ILS for one year, or since Kindergarten, we’ve loved hearing some of their favorite memories, words of wisdom from teachers that has stuck with them, favorite field trips and traditions, and more. We hope you enjoy getting to better know our ILS Class of 2019, and we thank them for taking the time to respond and share more about themselves!