Meet Us Monday: Miss Rebecca Hobbs, 4th Grade Teacher

We are happy to welcome Miss Rebecca Hobbs to the Immanuel community as our new 4th grade teacher!

Miss Hobbs earned B.A. in Classical Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in History and Education from Patrick Henry College.

Since 2015, Miss Hobbs has taught 5th Grade at The Ambrose School in Boise, ID. Prior to joining the Ambrose Faculty, she taught English to grammar school students in South Korea for nearly two years.

Miss Hobbs has a desire for her students to learn to love Christ more through learning to love what is true, good, and beautiful. As her students read stories of great heroes, love, courage, and self-sacrifice, she prays their souls will be so stirred by these things that they forever seek the One who is the ultimate Truth, Goodness, and Beauty- the Lord God.

Miss Hobbs is originally from Baker City, OR. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, reading, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and all the Korean food, language, and culture she can get.

Get to know Miss Hobbs with her recent “Meet Us Monday” interview!

Meet Us Monday: Miss Michelle Hennig, Deaconess Intern

We are happy to welcome Miss Michelle Hennig to the Immanuel community for the 2019-2020 academic year as a Deaconess Intern.

As the daughter of a Lutheran Pastor, Miss Hennig’s family moved several times, but the majority of her childhood was spent in southern and central Illinois. Attending Lutheran schools from Kindergarten through high school helped to shape both her faith and vocation as a future church worker.

With a love for singing and theology, Miss Hennig chose to pursue these interests at Concordia University Chicago. Miss Hennig is a Theology major in the process of obtaining her Deaconess certification, with double minors in Classical Education and Psychology. At Concordia, she ran track, sang in the choir, worked for residence life, served as a mentor for freshmen students, built relationships with fellow believers, and met her fiance, Andrew.

Miss Hennig enjoys traveling, hiking, camping, sewing, singing, being with her family, and spending time with her dog, Luther. She is looking forward to serving and working with Immanuel Lutheran Church and School students and families in the coming year.

Get to know Miss Hennig with her recent “Meet Us Monday” interview!

What We're Reading Wednesday: Mrs. Grace Egger

Check in on our ILS social media pages or here on our ILS Blog to hear from all your favorite ILS teachers and staff as they share a peek at what they’re reading this summer!

Mrs. Grace Egger, ILS Kindergarten Teacher, continues our “What We’re Reading Wednesday” series with a selection that she recommends students and families include on their summer reading list.

What’s on your summer list? We’d love to hear what you’re reading this summer as well!

What We're Reading Wednesday: Mrs. Marie Greenway

Check in on our ILS social media pages or here on our ILS Blog to hear from all your favorite ILS teachers and staff as they share a peek at what they’re reading this summer!

Mrs. Marie Greenway, ILS Music Teacher, kicks off our “What We’re Reading Wednesday” series with a look at a selection that has made it onto her summer reading list.

What’s on your summer list? We’d love to hear what you’re reading this summer as well!

On Learning, Growth & Grades

ILS students have reached the midway point of the 3rd Quarter of their academic year, which means that mid-quarter reports will be shared with parents this week. While grades are simply one type of teacher feedback for student to understand their progress and growth in any given subject, students may sometimes wrestle with how best to apply this feedback in their on-going learning process.

Mr. Shawn Barnett, ILS Upper School Latin and History teacher, shares a brief insight into this struggle in which students engage as they attempt to put the right value on grades in the learning process. He encourages parents to use graded work (or mid-quarter grades) as an opportunity to further encourage and engage students in an ongoing dialogue to deepen their understanding their own learning, mastery and growth. As students grow and mature, parents and teachers work together to help them appreciate a variety of feedback and apply it appropriately to their own growth and learning.

Two Articles from ILS Faculty Included in Classical Lutheran Education Journal

Last summer, six ILS faculty members were invited to present at the eighteenth annual Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education (CCLE) Summer Conference. Ms. Katherine Kramer, Assistant Headmaster, and Miss Kristin Malcolm, 5th grade teacher, were then invited to submit their presentations as articles for the CCLE’s Classical Lutheran Education Journal.

Please enjoy these two excellent articles from Ms. Kramer and Miss Malcolm, and to read the entire journal issue, view exclusive videos, and listen to conference recordings, join the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education to receive Member access.

Lutheran Schools Week Greetings from Past ILS Faculty & Staff

As we celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week with schools and educators all across the country, we invited former ILS faculty and staff members to share some favorite memories of ILS, Lutheran Schools Week, and more about the importance of Lutheran Schools. We hope you enjoy their responses!

Kicking Off National Lutheran Schools Week

Faculty and staff are excited to celebrate with students and parents during National Lutheran Schools Week starting on Sunday with ILS 4th and 5th grade students singing for Divine Service at 10am. All are welcome! Faculty and staff will be hosting a coffee hour for the congregation following the service as well.

Some of the week's activities are favorite traditions, other activities will be new, yet just as meaningful. A school-wide schedule, including special dress days, has been shared with families. Please refer to both the printed and emailed schedule throughout the week.

To serve our neighbors both locally and around the world, all students will participate in a house competition penny war to support four different missions:

Ruth and Lyman Stone serving the Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod
Seminarian Aaron Schultz and his family
Assist Pregnancy Center
ILS Tuition Assistance

Follow the week's activities on Facebook and our Instagram page.

We also asked our faculty and staff to share a bit on their own Lutheran schools experiences, as well as what they’re excited for during Lutheran Schools Week. We hope you enjoy their response!

Sermon: The Marriage of Yonas Mekonen and Stephanie Lange

On November 18th, our ILS Lower School teacher, Yonas Mekonen, and our Immanuel Lutheran Church Kantor, Stephanie Lange, were united in marriage at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Pastor Christopher Esget performed the ceremony. Please join us in extending best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Mekonen!

Pastor Christopher Esget
November 18, 2018

Immanuel Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Virginia

I imagine that from the time she was a young girl, people were saying that Stephanie sings like an angel. She looks like an angel, too – the kind you might find at the top of the Christmas tree, or in the sky singing to shepherds at Bethlehem. 

But those of us who know Stephanie know that she’s no angel. If she was, she couldn’t be part of the seraphim—they’re the angels of fire. Fires have a way of getting out of control around Stephanie. (It’s a good thing Yonas is a good cook.)

Besides, does an angel make her sisters sing backup while she cranks out love songs from Titanic?

But the truth is, Stephanie’s spectacular. Once she’s in your life (or your balcony!), you don’t ever want her gone. Yet here’s why Stephanie is no angel: because angels in the Bible are completely different from today’s sentimental images. Angels are not sweet but scary. Angels are not feminine but masculine. Their voices don’t soar to the top of the church but rumble low, shaking pillars. God’s angels are big and strong. Angels look more like Yonas than Stephanie.

You know I’ve joked about putting stickers on the church with your picture on them, Yonas – you know, the body-building picture where you’re flexing your muscles. They’d be perfect at the door, like a security sticker that says “Protected by Yonas.”

Sermon: The Marriage of Jason Stegman and Rebekah Reistad

On November 17th, our ILS 2nd grade teacher, Rebekah Reistad, was married to Mr. Jason Stegman at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Pastor Christopher Esget performed the ceremony. Please join us in extending best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Stegmen!

Pastor Christopher Esget
November 17, 2018

John 2:1-11

Immanuel Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Alexandria, Virginia

Jason and Rebekah, grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Jesus says to His mother, “Woman, what does this have to do with me?” Jason, don’t try this at home.

It’s not so offensive as it sounds. The language calls to mind the first woman, the mother of all humanity. “Woman” evokes creation.

God’s created order is predicated on self-giving. The world itself is gift to mankind. Man and woman are then made to be dependent on one another. The woman’s life derived from the man’s body. God made her from man’s side, so she is bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh. And she in turn would give her body to him. These two, becoming one flesh, giving themselves to each other, find then a third—a child—who receives life from their union.