Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Abigail A.

With the start of the 4th Quarter of the 2018-2019 school year, we begin our countdown to graduation for our Class of 2019! To celebrate and recognize our soon-to-be graduates, we will once again be running a "Meet Us Monday" series introducing you to each of the members of our ILS Class of 2019.

In this series, our wonderful 8th grade students have been invited to reflect on their time at ILS and share both favorite memories as well as some of their future plans. Please enjoy getting to better know our delightful ILS Class of 2019!

On Learning, Growth & Grades

ILS students have reached the midway point of the 3rd Quarter of their academic year, which means that mid-quarter reports will be shared with parents this week. While grades are simply one type of teacher feedback for student to understand their progress and growth in any given subject, students may sometimes wrestle with how best to apply this feedback in their on-going learning process.

Mr. Shawn Barnett, ILS Upper School Latin and History teacher, shares a brief insight into this struggle in which students engage as they attempt to put the right value on grades in the learning process. He encourages parents to use graded work (or mid-quarter grades) as an opportunity to further encourage and engage students in an ongoing dialogue to deepen their understanding their own learning, mastery and growth. As students grow and mature, parents and teachers work together to help them appreciate a variety of feedback and apply it appropriately to their own growth and learning.

Literacy: "To him who has much, much will be given"

“Literacy is more than simply the ability to decode phonetic symbols. “

In this brief peek into 6th grade at Immanuel, Mr. Shawn Barnett, Upper School Latin and History Teacher, explores literacy in a broader context. Rather than simply the reading of words, deeper literacy involves the understanding of context, which in turn requires a broader basis of knowledge. In helping students to understand the connections between their learning - from language, to history and geography, we help our students to look beyond themselves, our own times and culture as they learn about the world around them. Studying multiple fields of knowledge in an integrated way allows students to develop a deeper literacy and greater wisdom.

Meet Us Monday: ILS Student Ambassadors

Immanuel Lutheran School is pleased to announce the selection of seven students to serve as 2018-19 Student Ambassadors. Open to 6th through 8th grade students at ILS, the Student Ambassador program is a highly selective service opportunity for students to engage with visitors and guests to the school throughout the year. Students must apply for the program, and go through an in-person interview process. Student Ambassadors demonstrate an enthusiasm for the school, and the ability to clearly articulate the mission and vision of the school.

ILS Summer Reading Lists & Recommendations

Summer! How do you plan to spend your summer months? We know that for many students and their families, summer includes vacations, trips to the pool, spending time with family, summer camps, hitting the beach, playing outdoors, and a variety of other activities.

We also hope that reading will be a regular part of the summer routine and summer schole for both students and their families. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and biographies, read individually or out loud together should inspire and fuel a sense of wonder and curiosity for both students and adults.

We asked our faculty if they would mind sharing what books are on their own personal summer reading lists and any recommendations they have for students or families to perhaps give you some ideas to consider as you think about what you may enjoy reading this summer.

Additionally, our ILS teachers have compiled a list of suggested readings for both Upper and Lower School students as a resource for families to help select books that students may enjoy, both reading books from their own grade level, or listening as parents read aloud from more challenging texts. Check out our blog post from last summer where teachers shared some of their own favorites from this list!

What is on your own summer reading list? Are you checking out something new, or re-visiting an old favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Classroom Sneak Peek: 8th Grade Literature, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe; an Analysis of the Allegories

As a literature teacher, one of the best things that can happen in a class is for students to be so intrigued by a theme or idea that they explore it on their own. This year in 8th grade literature, the students were particularly struck by the Biblical parallels between Narnia and the Bible. Students spent multiple class periods arguing the possible allegories, pushing past the more obvious connections to tease out possible less-apparent similarities. As a final project, students compiled their observations in an essay, complete with a cover illustration. Ella presented thoughtful comparisons in a clear, organized way. She restricted herself to analyzing a few of the most striking characters and included good support from the Bible. I was particularly intrigued by Ella's "weak" parallels; she makes some connections which I've never considered. Not only did Ella present good content, but she demonstrated a strong grasp of form and structure. She employed an introduction with a clear thesis, made use of topic sentences, wrote a satisfying conclusion, and meticulously documented her references.  ~ Miss Carissa Davis, Upper School Literature

Classroom Sneak Peek: 4th Grade Fables

One of my personal favorite curricular series is the fourth grade writing workbook: Writing and Rhetoric, Fables by Classical Academy Press. Not only are students exposed to short stories that include a beginning, middle, and end with conflict resolution, but they are taught how to write by parodying and then recreating. In one particular assignment, students were asked to amplify an uninteresting fable by adding details. I was impressed with Jessica's fable because of her rich descriptions! One of my favorite lines in her story was "in angry despair, she kicked a pebble which landed neatly at the bottom of the pitcher." I found myself imagining the scene with ease and clarity. Thank you, Jessica, for writing such a winsome tale.  - Miss Leithart, 4th Grade Teacher

Summer Teacher Challenge: Latin Translation from Mrs. Krumwiede

Our ILS teachers invite our students (and parents!) to challenge themselves a bit this summer with our new Summer Teacher Challenge series! We will be sharing a variety of puzzles and challenges from our ILS teachers on our blog throughout the summer and giving you the chance to solve them. Share your solutions in the comments section for each challenge, and you could win a prize!

For each Challenge, students have one week to share their solutions. We will draw a name from the correct responses, and the winner will be able to choose from a variety of great prizes. We will have some fantastic books (including the new illustrated Harry Potter books!) from which to choose, as well as gift cards to Dairy Godmother!

Our first Summer Teacher Challenge comes from 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Krumwiede. Try your hand at translating this short story from Latin into English, and the best translation will win! (For our younger Latin scholars, a glossary of terms is included in the comments section. For our older scholars, we encourage you to give us your best translation without using the glossary!)

Puer Parvus et Luna Magna
Puer parvus magnam lunam cum oculis spectat. Luna magna in eo lucet. Lux eum adit et puer parvus lunam magnam laudat, “Sum parvus. Es magna. Adsum. Abes. Eheu! Deus ea magna et parva creat!” Puer parvus ad stellas et lunam cantat. Est laetus. Deus puerum spectat et gaudet, “Hic puer mihi gaudium dat et eum beabo.”

Some of Our Favorite Memories from 2016-2017

Field Trips. Friends. House Team Competitions. Grandparents Day. Teachers. Mount Vernon. The Washington Chorus. School Construction. Science Camp. Spelling Bee. Class Plays. Christmas Caroling. Chili Cookoff. Reading Buddies. Student versus Parent Basketball Game. Pizza Days. Upper School Electives. Drop Everything and Read Day. Fall Parent Socials. Day of Service. Lutheran Schools Week. P.E. After-School Spanish Class. Thankful Thursdays. Journalism Club. Oration Showcase. Veterans Day. Soccer Team. Parent Coffees. Lower School Showcases. Chapel Helpers. Teacher Swap Day. Talent Show. Science Fair. Lunch Bunch Concert at First Baptist. Field Day. Patrol. Advent Evening Prayer Service. Mother-Daughter Tea. In-Class Music Recitals. 100th Day of School. Adventure Camp. ILS Day at Nats Park. Student Ambassadors. Weekly Chapel. MathCounts Competition. National Zoo. Basketball Team. The Great Zucchini. National Latin Exam. Graduation Party. 

It has been another wonderful year here at ILS, and we have enjoyed making so many great memories with all our students, teachers, and families this year. We asked students and teachers to share some of their favorite things from the year, and we hope you enjoy their responses! Let us know some of your favorite memories from this year in the comments.