What we're looking forward to in 2017-2018...

School may be out for the summer, but our teachers and faculty are already getting excited as they look ahead to the 2017-2018 school year. Among the many things we are looking forward to in the coming school year: a new building, new students and families, and new opportunities for learning and fun! We asked the faculty to share some of what they are excited for next year, and we hope you enjoy their responses.

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I am really looking forward to pushing inward and upward with our faculty on culture. We are working to align our culture through all grades while still celebrating the developmental differences between the Lower and Upper School practices. It’s going to be rewarding to work on this in our new building with such a thoughtful faculty!
— Ms. Kramer (Assistant Headmaster)

I am so excited to teach the upcoming fourth grade! I have taught some of their siblings, and I’m excited to get to know their unique personalities, what they are drawn to, and how they learn best. I began addressing them as “future fourth graders” in May, so I hope they are looking forward to it as well.
— Miss Leithart (4th grade)
I am looking forward to welcoming all of our new families into the beautiful new building, which will only augment the already truly rich, inspiring and beautiful teaching and care that takes place on a daily basis within our school.
— Mrs. Stone (Manager of Operations)
I am excited for the whole school to be housed under one roof. It will be interesting to find new ways in which the Lower and Upper Schools can collaborate and learn together!
— Mrs. Morrison (Kindergarten)
I’m looking forward to the separation 7th and 8th grades into two different theology classes. This will allow greater interaction with the students, and make the 8th grade curriculum which I’m developing more of a capstone experience for our graduates.
— Pastor Esget
I am most looking forward to getting to know my new students! By the end of this year, our class and classroom became similar to a family and a home; and I am excited to begin forming this special bond with a new group of students in the fall.
— Miss Malcolm (5th grade)
I look forward to the 2017-18 school year in our updated building and the upcoming excitement as I learn, play, grow, and share God’s joy with the newest and youngest Immanuel students.
— Mrs. Schmick (Jr. Kindergarten)
I’m so excited to get to know my new class next year! This year’s unique arrangement provided me with some bonus time with them, and I can already tell that they are a bright and enthusiastic bunch! I am looking forward to becoming a student of my students and finding out how to best inspire a love of learning in each one!
— Miss Reistad (1st grade)
I’m so excited for the new school building to be finished for next year, because then I can finally be next to Miss Reistad and the second graders. I really missed having both the second and third grades right next to each other. I’m looking forward to supporting each other next year in a more present way.
— Mrs. Krumwiede (3rd grade)
I am already looking forward to my first visit back to ILS. You all made a special place in my heart very quickly; I feel as if I have deep roots in this place. My goal is to get back for the Oktoberfest gathering and see the completed school building! That’s just the first visit. Let me know if you’re in Chicago.
— Mr. Thompson (Upper School Teacher)