Building Project

What we're looking forward to in 2017-2018...

School may be out for the summer, but our teachers and faculty are already getting excited as they look ahead to the 2017-2018 school year. Among the many things we are looking forward to in the coming school year: a new building, new students and families, and new opportunities for learning and fun! We asked the faculty to share some of what they are excited for next year, and we hope you enjoy their responses.

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Beautiful Fall Days = Great Construction Progress

After some rainy wet weather, our construction team has been very grateful for the beautiful, sunny fall days so that work can continue on our building (without all that mud!). Lots has been happening both outside the school building, as well as interior work on the kitchen. Enjoy the latest photos!

Rainy Week Construction Progress (9/26-9/30)

It was one of the first rainy weeks since our construction began earlier this summer (thankfully!!), but fortunately it didn't slow things down too much. On Wednesday, the crews were up on the the roof of our building early in the morning putting up a giant tarp to protect the work area from the worst of the rain. Additionally, work began this week removing bricks from the outer wall of the undercroft (beside the kitchen) as they get ready to expand that space and add additional bathrooms!

Building Update: Week of September 19-23

Just 12 weeks into our building project, and so much has changed on campus! Where there was once a hill, the framing for new walls is growing daily for the additional 4 classroom spaces. The interior of the office and former Jr. Kindergarten classroom are now being reinforced as our construction team plans to build up, adding a second story to that half of the building. It is exciting for everyone to get to watch the space transforming before our eyes!

Construction Progress - Second Week of School

We've had a great second week of school, and several days of nice fall-like weather has been great for our construction crews as they continue to make great progress on our project. The week started with the beginnings of the foundation for the addition, and in no time at all, the starts of walls were in place. It is great fun to watch the transformation happening each and every day!

This week, our Kindergarten students made and delivered cards to thank the team from Chamberlain Construction for their hard work building our new school. The full construction team, including our architects from Rust Orling, came for a walk-through to see all the exciting progress as well.

First Week of School - Construction Update

We love having our students back on campus this week! It has been quiet on campus (well, aside from the construction), this summer so hearing all the singing, laughing, playing and learning happening around campus is a wonderful change.

Have you enjoyed seeing all the work that has happened around campus over the summer? It has been wonderful to talk to so many parents and students about the exciting changes happening for our school. In case you missed it, this week's Alexandria Times included a great article about our project.

Counting Down to Back-to-School!

Things have been getting extra busy on campus as our crews work on a variety of projects in preparation for students returning next week. Please look for signs around campus directing you to the office and various classrooms. We can't wait for all our school families to get to see first hand all the progress that has been made over the summer when you come for Supply Drop Off and Upper School Orientation on Thursday, September 1st!

Work Continues: Week of August 15

So much activity has been happening on campus the past few weeks as our crews work to finish up demolition and the other necessary site work for our Building and Renovation Project. Work is happening around the undercroft where the kitchen and bathroom renovation (and addition) is happening, plus preparing the site for the new elevator shaft.

Demo work has continued in the school building to make way for our upgraded HVAC system, the addition of a new elevator, and brand new bathrooms! We are looking forward to starting to see the building phase start once the demo is complete.

We are so grateful for our teams from Rust|Orling Architecture, Chamberlain Construction, and the many subcontractors working on this project.

Stay tuned for updates and additional information as we get ready to welcome back teachers, students and families in just a few weeks!


More Demo Plus Undercroft Preparation

There has been a lot of activity on campus this past week, as demolition continues on the school building and our work crews prepare the area around the undercroft and kitchen for the work to be done on this part of the building (new elevator, kitchen renovation and expansion, and new restrooms).

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Interior Building Demolition

Work is continuing on campus as our crews, under the leadership of our contractor, Chamberlain Construction, as the interior of the existing school building undergoes some significant demolition. The office and the former Jr. Kindergarten classrooms have been gutted, along with the girls' restrooms. This side of the building will be going up, getting a second floor with two new classrooms. Additional classrooms will be added into what was formerly the hill.

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