There is a pressing need for a confessional Lutheran church and classical school in the nation’s Capital. God has richly blessed Immanuel with faithful Scriptural teaching, an overflowing communion rail, and school classrooms bursting at the seams. We need to seize this moment. Now is the time to cement Immanuel’s place in Alexandria for generations to come. This capital campaign will raise funds to do just that - enhance the sanctuary, build more classrooms, and improve our aging facility. We ask God's help to grow in grace.


After many months of behind the scenes activity and meetings with City of Alexandria officials, we are happy to share recent updates about Immanuel's Building Expansion Project.

With activity increasing on the project, regular updates will be sent in the all-school and classroom newsletters to keep the community informed. Parents are also encouraged to contact the office with specific questions. Included below is a brief summary of the project, what to expect with the project, FAQs, as well as information shared during past building meetings about how families can engage with our financial partner, the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. For photos and updates, please visit our Immanuel Lutheran School Blog.

Project Partners
Architect: Rust | Orling
Construction Company: Chamberlain

Financial: Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF ) & Individual Gifts from Members of the Community

Project Elements & Budget
School Building
* addition of 5 new classrooms
* renovation of existing classrooms (new flooring, ceiling work, and millwork)
* new bathrooms on all three levels
* new HVAC system
* elevator connecting all three levels

Church Building
* renovated kitchen
* new bathrooms adjacent to the undercroft
* elevator connecting all three levels

Overall budget for school and undercroft improvements: $5,494,000
Thank you to all our generous donors!

Overall Timeline (all dates are subject to change)
• February – final phase of site plan and code review
* March - application for building permits
* Summer 2016 – construction/site work begins
* May 2016- Spring 2017 – Ongoing construction

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers during this exciting time. While we know this amount of activity will present challenges and disruptions to our usual routines, we also give thanks for the opportunity to update our facilities in order to better serve our students and families.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we enter the Lower School building?
A: As the construction crews replace our aging plumbing, update our bathrooms, and build the additional classrooms on the left-hand side of the building, the front entrance to the school will be closed. Kindergarten and 1st grade will enter and exit through the rear door in the K classroom. 2nd grade and Jr. Kindergarten (which will be down in the former 3rd grade classroom) will enter and exit their classrooms from the blacktop.

Q: Will we have AC/heating in the lower school building during construction?
A: Yes! Although an entirely new HVAC system will be installed in the school building, a temporary unit will service the four classrooms we will use during construction.

Q: What about bathrooms?
A: While new and improved bathrooms are constructed in the school building, temporary bathrooms for students and staff have been set up on the blacktop. These facilities will actually allow for more students to use the restroomat a time than our former, out-dated facilities. In addition to our teachers, we will have volunteers and assistants to help supervise students going to and from the bathrooms.

Q: Will drop-off and pick-up be the same?
A: Yes! Morning drop-off will still take place between 8:05 and 8:20 a.m. along the driveway between the church and school. Please pull all the way down to Belleaire and fully stop your car. Teachers and student patrols will assist students in exiting the car. We ask that the driver remain in the car so that you can pull forward as soon as you are directed.

Pick-up will be from 3:00 to 3:15 p.m. As in the past, if you arrive early, we ask that you pull all the way through the driveway and up to the stop-sign on Belleaire. This will allow us to get as many cars in line as possible. Again, please stay in your vehicle and faculty and student patrols will assist students in getting into their cars.

For the safety of all our students, faculty and other families,  we ask that you do not pull to the left on the driveway to pass vehicles in the morning or during afternoon pick-up. If you need to stop to speak with a teacher or another parent, we kindly ask that you find parking along one of the side streets to allow cars in the carpool line to move as quickly and safely as possible.

Q: Where can I park?
A: Parkingon Belleaire Rd. will be extremely limited during construction. While there may occasionally be an open spot on the street, please plan to park along one of the side streets (W. Bellefonte or W. Mason are two convenient options) if you plan to be on campus during the school day. For evening or weekend events, we may be able to allow some limited parking on the blacktop, but please note any signs or directions during times. We also want to be good neighbors to our friends who live on Belleaire Rd. and make sure access to their driveways remains clear at all times.

Q: Will students be allowed outside during construction?
A: Yes! We will still be outside for morning and lunchtime recess periods, as well as P.E. classes. The playground area is unaffected by the construction and will remain available for all classes to use as in past years.

Q: What about safety?
A: Safety for our students, staff, parents and construction team remains our top priority for us for the duration of this project. Chamberlain understands the specific needs of students and their families having completed a number of school projects in the area. Each construction space will be secured and all contractors and sub-contractors will be background checked. An onsite Superintendent will communicate daily with ILS Administrators.

Our administrative team also has regular meetings with the entire project team to discuss the project progress as well as safety matters. When you arrive on campus, you will notice several areas fenced off for your safety and the safety of our work crews. Please respect these barriers and encourage others to do so as well. We will be discussing safety with all our students frequently during the duration of the project, and we appreciate your support in keeping everyone safe as we complete this work.






Young Investor Club with LCEF

Immanuel is partnering with the Lutheran Church Extension Fund for our project financing.

From their website: The LCEF is a financial organization that empowers ministries of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Through the dollars invested by more than 50,000 individuals, congregations, schools, organizations and businesses, LCEF assists ministries with customized loans and ministry support services that help leaders respond to growth and community needs.

One benefit of this partnership is the opportunity for all members of the Immanuel community - staff, students, parents, and congregants to open investment accounts with LCEF. While Immanuel community members are eligible to open any account, the Young Investors Club is a youth focused opportunity for children of all ages.

With an initial investment of only $25, LCEF is currently offering an interest rate of 3.5% on Y.I. Club balances up to $1,000. Young investors can even earn funds for good grades and participating in community service projects.

Because LCEF is focused on helping schools like ours with major building projects, each investment increases the amount of rebate we could receive. Immanuel has 66 current investors. With 32 more members, our rebate could total $32,000 annually.

THANK YOU to those who have opened new accounts. For more information, contact the school office or Cindy Haupt at LCEF.


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