Kicking Off National Lutheran Schools Week

Faculty and staff are excited to celebrate with students and parents during National Lutheran Schools Week!

Some of the week's activities are favorite traditions, other activities will be new, yet just as meaningful. A school-wide schedule, including special dress days, has been shared with families. Please refer to both the printed and emailed schedule throughout the week.

To serve our neighbors both locally and around the world, all students will participate in a house competition penny war to support four different missions:

Ruth and Lyman Stone serving the Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod
Seminarian Aaron Schultz and his family
Assist Pregnancy Center
ILS Tuition Assistance

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We also asked our faculty and staff to share a bit on their own Lutheran schools experiences, as well as what they’re excited for during Lutheran Schools Week. We hope you enjoy their response!

What Lutheran School(s) did you attend?

Please tell us about a Lutheran educator who influenced you.
  • Dr. and Dr. Veith! They were both my professors in college. Mrs. Veith taught me to lesson plan, talked with me about praying for students, and so much more! I love her and have been repeatedly blessed by her faithful, loving, compassionate ways. Mr. Veith is also encouraging, thoughtful, and passionate! - Ms. Katherine Kramer (Assistant Headmaster)

  • A Lutheran educator who influenced me is my mom, Mrs. Reistad, who is a current preschool teacher and also taught many different Sunday School, VBS, etc. classes. She is so gifted at explaining our Lutheran faith in a clear and engaging way and making Bible stories come to life! - Mrs. Rebekah Stegman (2nd Grade Teacher)

  • Miss Zimmerman 2nd grade teacher: said that I was born to write cursive capital Gs. Mrs. Heath in high school taught me how to love Algebra.  - Mrs. Anastasia Krumwiede (3rd Grade Teacher)

  • I was not raised Lutheran and did not attend Lutheran schools as a child, so I did not get the chance to be influenced as a student by Lutheran educators, but I have been greatly influenced as a teacher by all my colleagues. Among them, Katherine Kramer stands out as my model teacher. I had the opportunity to observe Katherine often and carefully during my internship at ILS when she taught Upper School literature, writing, and logic. I was inspired most by her excellence and love. When I think of Katherine's teaching I think of strength, patience and knowledge-- but also goofiness, merriment, fun. There is in her soul a unique combination of order and warmth, and consequently the tone of the classroom was both orderly and warm. And, perhaps most importantly, Katherine's teaching was relational through and through: she so clearly knew her students and loved them unconditionally. These memories of Katherine's teaching, combined with the many and fruitful conversations about pedagogy we have since shared, have changed me as a person and as a teacher.  - Miss Kristin Malcolm (5th Grade Teacher)

  • Mrs. Nuttelman (formerly Miss Fleming) has been a huge influence on me. She was/is a gifted teacher with a knack for understanding children, especially young children, and explaining concepts to them. She is very creative in her planning and truly strove to incorporate embodied learning in any way she could. Mrs. Nuttelman is a huge inspiration to me and even helps me create projects now!  - Miss Danielle Davis (Upper School Teacher)

  • My grade school music teacher at TLS, Ms. Eakins, always encouraged me to sing and to continue with music. It was through her classes I realized my gift and passion. - Mrs. Stephanie Mekonen (ILC Kantor & Office Administrator)

Please share a favorite Lutheran Schools Week memory.
  • When I was a kid at Memorial I loved topsy turvey day. I would always wear my clothes inside out. So fun! - Mrs. Anastasia Krumwiede (3rd Grade Teacher)

  • My favorite Lutheran Schools Week memory at ILS is working together in our houses. I truly appreciate the camaraderie across the grades and working toward completing a common goal. - Mrs. Laurie Honig (Jr. Kindergarten Teacher)

  • My favorite LSW memory is from last year when Mrs. Egger and I co-taught last year's 8th graders. We had a fun time learning about Winnie-the-Pooh and playing pandemic to learn about pathology.  - Miss Danielle Davis (Upper School Teacher)

  • I always loved the different themed outfits! - Mrs. Stephanie Mekonen (ILC Kantor & Office Administrator)

  • Last year, Mrs. Stone and I swapped into Jr. K for Teacher Swap. It was near the 2018 Winter Olympics, so we had an Olympics themed lesson. The students got to compete in "curling" and "cross-country skiing" events. It was so much fun! - Mrs. Amanda Morrison (Kindergarten Assistant Teacher)

What ILS Lutheran Schools Week tradition are you most excited to continue this year?
  • The Talent Show! - Ms. Katherine Kramer (Assistant Headmaster)

  • I am looking most forward to the return of the Peeps Diorama competition. I always enjoy seeing the students' creativity as they display things they have learned. A close second is "dress as a literary character" - I can't wait to see what the students come up with! - Miss Carissa Davis (Upper School Lead Teacher)

  • I am looking forward to the Lower School LSW houses! It was such a fun way to build camaraderie among students of different grades and set LSW apart as a very special week of the year.  - Mrs. Rebekah Stegman (2nd Grade Teacher)

  • I am very excited about the Dress As Your Favorite Literary Character! - Mrs. Laurie Honig (Jr. Kindergarten Teacher)

  • Teacher swap is the best!!!!! - Mrs. Anastasia Krumwiede (3rd Grade Teacher)

  • Lower School Houses! - Mrs. Amanda Morrison (Kindergarten Assistant Teacher)

  • I most excited for Teacher Swap Day!  - Miss Danielle Davis (Upper School Teacher)

  • I'm still learning the school traditions! That's what I'm most excited about. :) - Mrs. Stephanie Mekonen (ILC Kantor & Office Administrator)