Walk-in-Wednesday: 8th Grade Math with Miss Danielle Davis

This fall, we launched a new series on the ILS Blog offering visitors a sneak peek of our classrooms from each of our teachers. Just as we do with our in-person tours each week, this feature is designed to provide families more of a feel for a classical Christian education at Immanuel and what that looks like in action in our classrooms.

This week, Miss Danielle Davis, our Upper School Math Teacher, continues our “Walk-in-Wednesday” series in the new year with a peek into her 8th grade math class and some of the joyful learning and delightful problem solving underway should you stop by for a visit.

We hope that you are encouraged by these snap-shots to visit us in person to see us in action, and we warmly invite you to visit us for a Walk-in-Wednesday tour or our final Admissions Open House of the year (Thursday, January 10th). Stepping through our red doors, you will be welcomed by the joyful sounds of learning, from poems and jingles in the lower grades, to great discussions and debates in our older grades. Singing and music ring out from the music room, and the wonderful sights and sounds of students and teachers engaged in learning can be witnessed throughout our campus.

Welcome to 8th Grade Math! Math class always begins with a puzzle. Here is a particular favorite called the Knight’s Tour. The knight moves in the traditional L-shape around the board. Can you move the knight around the board, visiting each square only once without repeating?

Knight Tour.png

The puzzles are designed to engage their mathematical skills in new ways and develop mathematical critical thinking. Plus, they’re fun! Students work on the puzzle by themselves, often working through various solutions before solving it. Exasperated sighs over having just missed the answer and joyous exclamations over finding a solution can be heard throughout the room. Students have a chance to share their solution to the class.

            Afterwards, we begin our lesson from Saxon Algebra 1. Currently, 8th grade is learning how to solve equations with multiple brackets, operations, and signs.


-3[(-2 - 4) - 3] - 2


            Before we solve this, what operations are we being asked to complete? What operation should I complete first? How do you know? What do I do next? What is our rule for subtracting and adding numbers of the same sign? What’s my answer? Students are guided through new math concepts and problems through questions. They must work through the problem step by step using their prior knowledge. It is important for the class to work through problems together. Similar problems will be put up on the board and students will come up to solve. Repeated practice of problems is crucial in mastering mathematical concepts. After the lesson, students are able to begin their homework in class. They are encouraged to ask questions about complicated questions and confusing concepts. Together, we study the language of mathematics!