Lutheran Schools Week Greetings from Past ILS Faculty & Staff

As we celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week with schools and educators all across the country, we invited former ILS faculty and staff members to share some favorite memories of ILS, Lutheran Schools Week, and more about the importance of Lutheran Schools. We hope you enjoy their responses!


I'm Mrs. Winterstein and I love Lutheran Schools! I especially love and miss Immanuel Lutheran School. One of my favorite Lutheran Schools Week traditions was getting to know another class during Teacher Swap. Being a teacher at ILS well equipped me to teach and catechize my own children in the Lutheran faith.

~Mrs. Katie Winterstein (Former 2nd grade teacher)


ILS taught me to love theology, the catechism, and beautiful music as ways of knowing God!

~Mrs. Abigail (Clevenger) Alberti (Former Upper School Teacher)


I’m Mrs. Gorr. While teaching at ILS, I loved watching students grow in knowledge and in faith on a daily basis and meeting so many wonderful families.

~ Mrs. Karen Gorr (Former 1st grade teacher)