Two Articles from ILS Faculty Included in Classical Lutheran Education Journal

Last summer, six ILS faculty members were invited to present at the eighteenth annual Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education (CCLE) Summer Conference. Ms. Katherine Kramer, Assistant Headmaster, and Miss Kristin Malcolm, 5th grade teacher, were then invited to submit their presentations as articles for the CCLE’s Classical Lutheran Education Journal.

Please enjoy these two excellent articles from Ms. Kramer and Miss Malcolm, and to read the entire journal issue, view exclusive videos, and listen to conference recordings, join the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education to receive Member access.

New Teacher Introduction: Meet Miss Danielle Davis!

Immanuel Lutheran School is pleased to announce the hiring of Miss Danielle Davis to join our Upper School faculty team. Miss Davis will serve as 8th grade homeroom teacher, as well as Math and Science teacher for 6th-8th grades. Her love for our mission and community, subject expertise, and faithfulness to our confession will be a great asset to our students, families, and staff. 

Miss Davis already knows many of our students and families through her work with the church and school, including teaching last year's Upper School DNA Elective and working as a tutor. She is looking forward to meeting and better getting to know all of you this summer and in the coming school year.

Please join us in extending a warm ILS welcome to Miss Davis, and enjoy getting to know a bit more about this newest addition to our ILS team in the questions and answers she shared for our Blog!