Literacy: "To him who has much, much will be given"

“Literacy is more than simply the ability to decode phonetic symbols. “

In this brief peek into 6th grade at Immanuel, Mr. Shawn Barnett, Upper School Latin and History Teacher, explores literacy in a broader context. Rather than simply the reading of words, deeper literacy involves the understanding of context, which in turn requires a broader basis of knowledge. In helping students to understand the connections between their learning - from language, to history and geography, we help our students to look beyond themselves, our own times and culture as they learn about the world around them. Studying multiple fields of knowledge in an integrated way allows students to develop a deeper literacy and greater wisdom.

Walk-in-Wednesday: 2nd Grade with Mrs. Rebekah Stegman

We hope everyone enjoyed a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving! At ILS we are extremely thankful for our outstanding teachers and the joy and enthusiasm they bring into each of their classrooms. Our teachers truly love what they do, and their love for teaching and learning is experienced daily by our students. We hope to capture just a bit of this each week in our “Walk-in-Wednesday” blog feature so that you can get a sense for the delightful learning happening at ILS.

This week, we are visiting 2nd grade, as Mrs. Rebekah Stegman presents a peek into the delights of her 2nd grade classroom during a history lesson.

Every week our ILS blog features an update from one of our teachers highlighting what a visitor might observe when they walk into our classrooms. Whether you are unable to join us for a Walk-in-Wednesday tour to see our students and teachers in action, or you would just like to get a better feel for what the experience of a classical Christian education is like at Immanuel, we hope this feature creates a picture of just some of what you might observe if they were to peek into Jr. Kindergarten, or 3rd grade, or Upper School Latin, or any one of our classrooms at ILS. 

Please enjoy, and check back each week as we share additional “Walk-in-Wednesday” features!

Reformation History Song

Blessed Reformation Day! 

Are you as excited about the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation as our ILS teachers?

Our outstanding 1st and 2nd grade teachers (and sisters!) Miss Kirstin Reistad and Miss Rebekah Reistad, collaborated to write the lyrics to this amazing song to teach their students all about the Reformation!

Meet Us Monday: Mr. Barnett, Upper School Latin & History Teacher

We invite you to better know our excellent teachers and staff with our "Meet Us Mondays" series each week here on the ILS blog. This week features another of the newest additions to our ILS faculty this year, our new Upper School Latin and History teacher, Mr. Shawn Barnett. Enjoy!

Six Questions with Mr. Thompson

Our Six Questions Series returns this week and features the newest addition to our faculty, Upper School teacher, Mr. Will Thompson. Mr. Thompson joined the ILS teaching staff in January, serving as our Upper School Latin and History teacher. .

Our Six Questions Series features the outstanding teachers, faculty, and board members who serve our students, families and community. We hope you enjoy this chance to get to better know these wonderful individuals who so faithfully serve our school and our community!

ILS Salute to Veterans

On Wednesday, November 11, Immanuel Lutheran School hosted a Salute to Veterans. In recognition and honor of all who have served our nation in our Armed Forces, including many within the Immanuel community, the school welcomed veterans and their families to the school for a Veterans Day program.

Beauty in Storytelling

By Miss Leithart

Once upon a time... What comes to mind upon the uttering of those words in that order? Perhaps you think of childhood enchantment that sweeps your weary mind to a distant land in a far off time, past or future, where there lives a protagonist who will eventually overcome hardship. “And they lived happily ever after,” the story will end. Granted, this formula is more prevalent in children’s literature, for not all stories and novels end happily despite our protestations and verbal opposition. Nevertheless, we all love a good story, and humans have since the beginning of time. For instance, the Genesis Creation is written poetically with a beginning middle and end. God rests on the last day because he saw his creation was good. Thus, from the start, our knowledge of who we are in the universe was given to us in a story like fashion.