Upper School Journalism Club: ILS Announces New Latin Teacher

By Kendall (6th Grade)

Since the beginning of the summer, ILS has been looking for a new Latin and History teacher. Ms. Habrecht interviewed six candidates- among them were teachers hailing from South Carolina, Idaho, Wisconsin, and even Colorado. Now the have found a teacher.

Only a few weeks ago, Manager of Operations, Mrs. Stone, met Mr. Will Thompson at a Bible study, and told him about the job position. He was then serving as an intern at the International Justice Mission with Field Operations for India.

Mr. Thompson is from Saint Louis, Missouri, where his dad was a Lutheran Pastor. He majored in History and Philosophy at the University of Missouri, although to choose a favorite between Latin and History, he enjoys Latin more.

Mr. Thompson taught English in Korea, and says he speaks "Survival" Korean enough to get around. After teaching he took two weeks on a solo motorcycle trip up the coast of Vietnam.

Mr. Thompson didn't always want to be a teacher. When asked what he wanted to be when he was younger, he responded, "I was thinking I wanted to be a doctor. My uncle is a doctor, and I liked how they help people in a tangible way."

When asked about the addition of Mr. Thompson as a new teacher, ILS Director of Advancement, Mrs. Work, commented, "I am always excited for new teachers to join our staff. I am confident Mr. Thompson will be an excellent addition to our ILS community."

The plan is to have him begin on January 17th.

(Stay tuned for more articles from our December Journalism Club - one of our Upper School Elective offerings!)