8 Essential Principles

Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly

Educators at Immanuel Lutheran School (ILS) are noted for the ways they have been cultivated by the liberal arts Lutheran catechesis.  These two cultivating forces have shaped their souls, mind and character so that they are fully-developed educators characterized by a Christian humanitas that is captivating and contagious.  They continually pursue truth, goodness, and beauty, and recognize these as gifts from God.  Students love them and naturally want to emulate them.

Faculty seek wisdom, eloquence, and virtue, and to cultivate these in their students. Teachers at ILS recognize that they are sinful and are hopeless without Christ crucified. They hold students accountable for this shared human state, direct them to repentance, and forgive them.

ILS educators display training in the liberal arts and are always learning. This year, ILS teachers are holding 8 all-faculty meetings to discuss and reflect upon the 8 Essential Principles. The topic for the first session was Festina Lente: make haste slowly.