Six Questions with Mr. Chris Mulder, ILS School Board Member

Get to know the men and women who serve on our School Board! Our school board members are also participating in our Six Questions Series, sharing their responses to help you get to know them a bit better and recognize them as you see them around campus and at school and community events throughout the year.

Today's blog features Board member Mr. Chris Mulder, father to two current ILS students, who currently serves as board secretary. We hope you enjoy our latest profile!

1. What is your role at ILS?
Cheerleader for my two sons who love their new year in 3rd grade and Kindergarten. I also serve on the school board as the board secretary.

2. What attracted you to classical, Christian education?
I also attended ILS, but in Albuquerque, NM. From my experience at ILS West as I like to call it, I knew my own children would benefit from a Christian education. Investing in our children is very important to Jen and me.

3. What do you enjoy most about our ILS community?
Christian values, small community, future growth, and definitely the uniforms. Pizza day too, which usually means pizza at home the following week.

4. What was your favorite class (or subject) in school?
Any class that had a creative twist and as I progressed, I enjoyed business classes. I'm into history now.

5. What book(s) are you currently reading? (What books are on your nightstand?)
James Madison by Richard Brookhiser and A Full Life - Reflections at Ninety by President Carter. I started a quest to read a biography/auto-biography on every president in chronological order. Obviously, I broke that rule, and I'm jumping around. It's fascinating what you learn by diving into the past and learning about our nation's leaders.

6. Please share one thing you're looking forward to this year.
Times are so exciting I have more than one - Watching my boys learn and grow, school construction, meeting new ILS community members (teachers, staff, parents, and students) and of course serving on the board.