Six Questions with Mr. Schultz

This week's Six Questions Series features Upper School teacher, Mr. Aaron Schultz. Now in his fourth year at Immanuel, Mr. Schultz teaches math, science and PE, as well as leads our new sports program this year.

Our Six Questions Series features the outstanding teachers, faculty, and board members who serve our students, families and community. We hope you enjoy this chance to get to better know these wonderful individuals who so faithfully serve our school and our community!


1. What do you teach at ILS/what is your role at ILS?
I will serve as the 7/8 homeroom teacher and will teach 6/7/8 math, 6/7/8 science, and 4-8 PE.  I'm also excited to get a sports program started at ILS this school year!

2. What attracted you to classical, Christian education?
Quite frankly, I didn't know much at all about classical education before arriving at Immanuel.  But now I am so thankful that the Lord brought me and my family to Immanuel - especially now since my son is in Junior Kindergarten this school year.  The classical model is solid and proven.  The more I learn about classical education, the more I love it.

3. What do you enjoy most about our ILS community?
The community itself.  The Immanuel community loves getting together - whether it's a picnic, flag football game, Chili Cook-off event, or a Vespers service.  We love being a part of the Immanuel community.  It truly is one of a kind and nothing less than one of a kind.

4. What was your favorite class (or subject) in school?
I have to go with math.  I love teaching math!  A strength of mine is perhaps being able to simplify math and make it at least intriguing for a student.  Many students find math complicated, cumbersome, and too challenging.  I enjoy helping students see that math is, indeed, not just doable and enjoyable but also a beautiful thing.

5. What book(s) are you currently reading? (What books are on your nightstand?)
I try to read along with Miss Davis's literature class - so I currently have The Odyssey next to my bed.  I'm also reading Rebel Yell, a tremendous book on Gen. Stonewall Jackson.  In addition, I'm reading How to Solve It, a fabulous book about mathematical reasoning skills.  And then I always work my way through the Seven Laws of Teaching with the start of a new school year.

6. Please share one thing families wouldn't already know about you.
I really do enjoy cooking and can make a terrific pot of gumbo - or at least I think it's pretty good.