4th Grade Student Poem: "Summer"

We take delight in seeing how our students’ imaginations are sparked by what they are learning and discussing in their classrooms. Inspired by reading the novel The Wind in the Willows in literature and learning of the character, Ratty's, penchant for poetry, two ILS 4th grade students, Linden and Caroline, were motivated to jointly compose their own original piece. The class has also been discussing literary devises such as alliteration, which readers will find plentifully in their poem, metaphor, and personification. Enjoy!

By Linden & Caroline (4th grade)

I remember when I was young
The sunny Saturdays in the celestial sun
The waving water so cool and refreshing
On the blowing breath of the morning breeze. 

Now I sit in the dusty dungeon of winter
Thinking of those sonorous summers
Wishing I could be there now
And seeing the drawing dawn of day.

But now the summer has come
And I see my full self again!
The weather's warm, the sun is singing,
And I hear the cuckoo's cry again. 

I see the sunflowers, I pick the plums.
I hear the crowing cock that cries
And see the ripe, red strawberries
And the blue birds flying over me.

And now this poem has come to an end. 
But do not be sad.
For summer will come again.