A look back at the 2017-18 school year...

What have been your favorite memories from the 2017-2018 school year?

Moving into the new building. Science & Adventure Camps. The Talent Show. Grandparents Day. Class projects. House Team Competitions. Field Trips. The parent versus student basketball game. The Chili Cook-off. New teachers. 2nd grade Library Trips. Jr. Kindergarten's Medieval Feast. Off-uniform days. National Latin Exam. Soccer games. The Mother-Daughter Tea. New friends. Visit from the Virginia Opera Company. Oktoberfest. Class parties. Field Day. Teacher weddings and engagements. National Lutheran Schools Week. Music. 4th grade architecture projects. First Friday Coffees. Classroom recitals. Reading buddies. The Hymn of the Year. Lower School Showcases. Veterans Day. Lower School Fort Building. Teacher Swap Day. MathCounts. Reptiles Alive! Parent lunch readers. Day of Service projects. End of year party. 

There have been so many great memories we have shared together as a school community over the past year, it is hard to pick just one, but we asked some of our students and teachers to share some of the things they will remember most from this year! We'd love to hear from you, too! Share more of your favorites below in the comments section.

I will never forget the joy of the students and teachers on the day the Upper School moved into their new classrooms. What a blessing it has been to have the entire student body under one roof.
— Ms. Habrecht, Headmaster
My favorite thing was talking about the ancient Egyptians!
— Fleming - Jr. K
Doing the play for “The Horse and His Boy.”
— Grace, 3rd grade
My favorite thing was going on the field trip to the Building Museum.
— Andrew, Kindergarten
Latin Class!
When we did the Congo Line and Ms. Kramer video-taped us!
When Mr. Barnett was so excited in Latin and got marker on his face and didn’t know.
Mr. Barnett is a funny teacher!
— Evangeline, Rory, Ione & Mary Shelton - 5th grade
I love Oktoberfest! Our family loves Oktoberfest at ILS so much, we have already made plans to be back for it next fall.
— Mr. Schultz, Upper School Teacher
When Mr. Barnett sang to all the 4th grade girls! It was a very funny song he made up!
— Kate, 4th grade
Math & History & Sparkle & Field Trips!
— Natalie - 1st grade
The Talent Show - It was delightful to have our alumni return and contribute a film, enjoy the beautiful venue, and watch our students work together to produce an excellent program!
— Ms. Kramer, Assistant Headmaster
My favorite thing was learning about Vikings!
— William, Jr. Kindergarten
Field Day!
— Caden, 2nd grade
Oh, Adventure Camp counts as both a tradition and best memory. I’m pretty sure everyone else will say this, but it really is everyone’s favorite thing. You just get to look forward to it as the oldest and most mature students. We go boating and rafting, and spend a lot of time together, we get candy and stop at Wawa on the way to camp. We really look forward to it and make a lot of memories: staying up late to talk, playing so many games, and having adventures. When we come back it’s pretty sad, and this year will be especially sad because it’s the last time we’ll all go to camp together. These people have been my friends since Kindergarten!
— Ashley, 8th grade
Science, Math & History!
— Burke, 1st grade
School-related: the Talent Show drama piece we prepared from The Lion King.
Not school-related: My betrothal to Mr. Barnett!
— Miss Leithart, 4th grade
Adventure Camp! Everything: all the team building activities, the night hike, climbing over the wall, canoeing, the rapids, snakes, and swimming!
— Abigail, Reagan, Marie, and Kendall- 7th grade
My favorite thing was learning about the Ancient Romans.
— Luke, Jr. Kindergarten
— Margaret, 2nd grade
I had the best time filming the video for the Talent Show with our ILS alumni!
— Ms. Stone, Manager of Operations
When we had a class party for the 4th grade being good for a whole week!
— Ava, 4th grade
A highlight for me was the 8th graders Lord of the Flies projects. Students worked in teams to create communities, rules, and even a model. The girls created a very orderly community complete with detailed rules. The boys, on the other hand, created an “exile pit” for anyone who didn’t follow the rules of the community!
— Miss Davis, Upper School Litherature
Lutheran Schools Week - all of it. And our Capture the Flag House competition was pretty great.
— Parker, 6th grade
Planning the Talent Show is great too. Seeing all the acts prepare is fun, but seeing them running around the night of, excited but kind of stressed out in their costumes, and watching all the groups run through their acts beforehand is really rewarding. This year we got to do it on a real stage with lights and sound. It was so bright in your eyes when you were on stage, and felt more intimidating. I think it was really worth it.
— Marina, 8th Grade
My favorite was learning about letters.
— Sienna, Jr. Kindergarten
My Dad’s presentation to our class that just happened on politics and government.
— Newman, 4th grade
I really love Science Camp!
— Miss Malcolm, 5th Grade teacher
Playing Jeopardy in Science class - I stood up so fast to answer that I knocked my chair over!
Also- getting assigned to Athanasius at the beginning of the year!
— Isabel, 6th grade
My favorite thing was reading “The Horse and His Boy.”
— Linden, 3rd Grade
One time I was doing jumping jacks in 5th grade with an expo marker in my hand, and I didn’t realize that I had gotten market all over my face.

Not school-related: I hjad a really great day throwing a frisbee with a colleague back in September...
— Mr. Barnett, Upper School Latin
My favorite was studying history, and when we did the Medieval Feast!
— Cameron, 2nd grade
When Ms. Curcio taught us, and we had a dance party!
— Emma & Gavin, 3rd grade
— Lots of 4th grade boys!
Adventure Camp. I know that is a bit vague, but it was really fun.
— AJ, 7th grade
Mr. Barnett’s Passive Periphrastic Dance
— Several 8th grade girls!
My favorite memory was our science experiment when we used sand to make craters!
— Abigail, 2nd grade
My favorite was when Mrs. Honig brought out her parachute!
— Savannah, Jr. Kindergarten