Six Questions with Pastor Esget

As we welcome our many new and returning families to another new school year, we wanted to introduce (or re-introduce in some cases) you to all of our talented and caring faculty members.  Through our Six Questions Series, our teachers and faculty members have a chance to share some of their own reflections on classical, Christian education and what they enjoy most about our ILS community.

Today, ILS Superintendent and Senior Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Christopher Esget, shares his responses to our Six Questions.

1. What do you teach at ILS/what is your role at ILS?
I teach 7 & 8 Theology, and oversee the spiritual life of Immanuel Lutheran School. I’ve taught Theology at every grade level at Immanuel at some point, and formerly taught Latin 1, 2, and 3.

2. What attracted you to classical, Christian education?
I first began learning about Classical Education when a friend at seminary gave me a copy of Douglas Wilson’s “Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning.” I wanted to start school over again! After coming to Immanuel in 2001, I began studying more intensively, recognizing that Immanuel would be a good fit for the classical model.

3. What do you enjoy most about our ILS community?
Immanuel is a place where I feel loved unconditionally. The joy and energy of our staff and students is infectious!

4. What was your favorite class (or subject) in school?
Must I select only one? English literature; music theory; Church history; Greek.

5. What book(s) are you currently reading? (What books are on your nightstand?)
Meet Mr. Mulliner (P.G. Wodehouse); God’s Song in a New Land (Carl Schalk); Letters to Lutheran Pastors, Vol. I (Hermann Sasse); Lions of Kandahar (Rusty Bradley); The City of God (St. Augustine).

6. Please share one thing families wouldn't already know about you.
I used to play synthesizers in contemporary Christian praise services.