Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Marie B.

Our countdown to Graduation continues, and we hope you are enjoying our “Meet Us Monday” series profiling the members of the ILS Class of 2019! Our delightful 8th grade students have been reflecting and sharing a bit about their time at ILS and where they will be headed next year as they enter high school. We hope that you enjoy getting to better know the members of the ILS Class of 2019!

Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Tyreke F.

Our “Meet Us Monday” series continues this week as we profile the members of our Class of 2019 in the weeks counting down to graduation. As we approach this milestone, we have been asking each of our wonderful 8th grade students to reflect on their time at ILS, as well as share some of their future plans, which we will be sharing these final weeks of the school year in this special series. We hope you enjoy getting to better know our wonderful students in the ILS Class of 2019 as they reminisce about their favorite memories and ILS traditions, and we thank them for taking the time to respond to our interview questions!

What We're Reading (April edition)...

Spring has arrived, and our journey through the penitential season of Lent continues. Once again we bring you our latest edition of "What we're reading..." with variety articles, sermons, and news that we have found intriguing or interesting these past few weeks.

For April, Pastor Esget kicks us off asking the question of “Do You Believe in Monsters?” Also included are articles from Mrs. Marie Greenway, ILS Music Teacher, as well as Mr. Mark Hemingway, ILS parent and School Board member.

Have you read (or written!) anything recently that you think we and other ILS families may enjoy? We always welcome you to share any articles or blogs with use to consider including in future blog features.

Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Abigail A.

With the start of the 4th Quarter of the 2018-2019 school year, we begin our countdown to graduation for our Class of 2019! To celebrate and recognize our soon-to-be graduates, we will once again be running a "Meet Us Monday" series introducing you to each of the members of our ILS Class of 2019.

In this series, our wonderful 8th grade students have been invited to reflect on their time at ILS and share both favorite memories as well as some of their future plans. Please enjoy getting to better know our delightful ILS Class of 2019!

A Stone's Throw: January - February Update from Mr. and Mrs. Stone

Responding to a call from the Lutheran Church - Hong Kong Synod, former ILS Manager of Operations, Mrs. Ruth Stone, along with her husband, Lyman, are now serving as missionaries in Hong Kong. Mrs. Stone serves as a missionary and English teaching assistant in a local Lutheran school, and she and Mr. Stone together volunteer their time to support school extracurriculars, church functions and Sunday school classes, Bible study, and evangelism with the Mission of Christ Network.

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing regular updates from the Stones as they embark on their work in Hong Kong.

Please join us in praying for Mr. & Mrs. Stone as they live and serve in the Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod, and especially the children, faculty, and parents in its’ associated school system.

What We're Reading (March edition)...

As we prepare to enter the penitential season of Lent, our latest edition of "What we're reading..." includes some resources and family devotions for the season, as well as a variety of other articles we have compiled on a variety of topics.

This month, we include a selection of articles on beauty, hospitality, art, fair tales, and more! Also included, the latest article from our own ILS Music Teacher, Mrs. Marie Greenway, writing on keeping reverence in church.

Have you read (or written!) anything recently that you think we and other ILS families may enjoy? We always welcome you to share any articles or blogs with use to consider including in future blog features.

On Learning, Growth & Grades

ILS students have reached the midway point of the 3rd Quarter of their academic year, which means that mid-quarter reports will be shared with parents this week. While grades are simply one type of teacher feedback for student to understand their progress and growth in any given subject, students may sometimes wrestle with how best to apply this feedback in their on-going learning process.

Mr. Shawn Barnett, ILS Upper School Latin and History teacher, shares a brief insight into this struggle in which students engage as they attempt to put the right value on grades in the learning process. He encourages parents to use graded work (or mid-quarter grades) as an opportunity to further encourage and engage students in an ongoing dialogue to deepen their understanding their own learning, mastery and growth. As students grow and mature, parents and teachers work together to help them appreciate a variety of feedback and apply it appropriately to their own growth and learning.

A Look Back at Lutheran Schools Week (and 2019 MathCounts Success!)

As January came to a close, Immanuel Lutheran School students, teachers and families celebrated National Lutheran Schools Week (January 27 -February 2) alongside more than 2000 LCMS schools across the US. With a full week of activities, beginning with the school's annual Chili Cook-off, and concluding with an outstanding performance by the ILS MathCounts team at the Northern Virginia Regional competition, it was a wonderful time for the entire school community.

Throughout the week, students competed in a Penny Wars contest to raise funds for four different missions: former ILS Manager of Operations, Mrs. Ruth Stone, now serving as a missionary in Hong Kong, former ILS Upper School teacher, Mr. Aaron Schultz, now a student at Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Assist Pregnancy Center, and the ILS Tuition Assistance Fund. Students raised more than $1000 to support these projects. 

Two Articles from ILS Faculty Included in Classical Lutheran Education Journal

Last summer, six ILS faculty members were invited to present at the eighteenth annual Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education (CCLE) Summer Conference. Ms. Katherine Kramer, Assistant Headmaster, and Miss Kristin Malcolm, 5th grade teacher, were then invited to submit their presentations as articles for the CCLE’s Classical Lutheran Education Journal.

Please enjoy these two excellent articles from Ms. Kramer and Miss Malcolm, and to read the entire journal issue, view exclusive videos, and listen to conference recordings, join the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education to receive Member access.

Literacy: "To him who has much, much will be given"

“Literacy is more than simply the ability to decode phonetic symbols. “

In this brief peek into 6th grade at Immanuel, Mr. Shawn Barnett, Upper School Latin and History Teacher, explores literacy in a broader context. Rather than simply the reading of words, deeper literacy involves the understanding of context, which in turn requires a broader basis of knowledge. In helping students to understand the connections between their learning - from language, to history and geography, we help our students to look beyond themselves, our own times and culture as they learn about the world around them. Studying multiple fields of knowledge in an integrated way allows students to develop a deeper literacy and greater wisdom.