Welcome to the Upper School at Immanuel Lutheran!

Our philosophy embraces a truly classical liberal arts approach, full of reading, writing, and discussion. Our students study the Socratic model of learning as they prepare for and enter the dialectic stage of their development. This trains our students in speaking, thinking, and writing so that they can become expressive, clear, and organized.

By studying subjects increasingly unique to modern students—such as Latin, logic, and the scope of world history—Upper School students at ILS are taught to look beyond themselves, their own times, and their own culture as they learn about the world around them. They study multiple fields of knowledge in an integrated way. Yet knowledge alone is not enough-- A fully formed person will have wisdom and charity in addition to academic training. Our school seeks to support parents in guiding the student on this path to virtue and wisdom. 

Most importantly, the Word of God is a constant presence in our school; as a regular and daily feature of the life of the school, prayer, worship, and the proclamation of the Gospel will frame classroom instruction and discussion. Our prayer is that each and every one of our students lives out their various vocations, with love and service to their neighbor, in response to the love and mercy God shows each of us.

Our days are busy and full of learning, whether that is intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social, or physical. You are invited to come visit with us! Observe classes, talk to our students, and ask questions of our teachers.

We look forward to welcoming you to ILS soon!