Immanuel Lutheran School has been a part of Alexandria’s heritage for many years. Originally established in downtown Alexandria on Cameron and Alfred Streets in 1870, Immanuel thrived for forty years before closing shortly before World War I. As WWII was ending, Immanuel Lutheran Church moved to its current location on Russell Road. The school reopened in 1945, and has flourished there since.

Immanuel Lutheran School Today

Now after more than 70 years of consecutive operation, Immanuel continues to offer a Christian and classical education in Northern Virginia, with a liberal arts curriculum for Junior Kindergarten (pre-kindergarten) through 8th grade. Our students enjoy a rich academic environment that includes high academic expectations, small class sizes, Shurley grammar, Saxon mathematics, classical literature, Latin (beginning in 3rd grade), science, weekly chapel services, Christian character formation, world history, Logic, music, art and much more.

What is a Classical Education?

Wisdom, eloquence and virtue – these are the aims of a classical education. The patriarchs of western civilization understood that education was more than the acquisition of basic skills and mere competency. The purpose of education was to transform, to elevate, and to refine the mind and the soul. This was the standard, not the exception. At the center of classical education is an emphasis on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Because these universal values serve as the building blocks of classical learning, the classical arts are timeless and proven, and have been known to produce many eloquent confessors and wise leaders. Our communities today are in dire need of just these sorts of men and women. In an endless pursuit of the latest educational dogma, many schools no longer have the capacity to judge what is Good, True and Beautiful, much less teach it. In forsaking the soul for the mind, they have forgotten how to educate both. Classical Education is a holistic approach to education, and a return to excellence in teaching, curriculum and expectations.

Academic Achievement

Our goal is to help each individual student achieve his or her highest potential. This includes a rigorous curriculum that encourages mastery of material and inspires a love of learning. Immanuel’s students are given NWEA Measurements of Academic Progress assessments. The majority of our students’ standardized test scores were above grade level in all areas – math, reading and language arts.

Reasonable Tuition Rates

Immanuel offers an exceptional education at rates considerably lower than many other private schools in the area. Discounts are applied for annual tuition payment in full at the onset of the school year. Monthly payment plans and tuition assistance are also available.

Extended Care Program

Immanuel offers both before school and after school extended care options for busy parents. Our Extended Care professionals are carefully screened and selected and often have teaching degrees. They engage our children in constructive educational activities, direct outdoor sports and free play, assist with homework and ensure that the extended day experience is fun and educational!

Our children have attended ILS for the past 5 years. We couldn’t be more impressed with the rigorous academics, the Christian spiritual & character formation, and faculty. Our children love to learn & we are learning new things (like Latin and ancient civilizations) right along with them. The school and church are such a wonderful community.
— Current ILS Parents