Welcome to the Lower School at Immanuel!

Lower School students at ILS happily absorb, memorize, recite, and write the basic facts and rules on which the rest of their student vocations build. In the Grammar stage, our classrooms are abuzz with the recitation of scripture and catechism, studious chanting of Math and Grammar rules, and expressive reading of great Literature.

In addition to academics, the students practice the School Standards of Truth, Love, Honor, Faithfulness and Excellence from the foundation of each, enabling them to see and do the most basic tasks of academia and virtue. From Jr. Kindergarten on up, ILS Lower School students learn and discuss how they are each simul iustus et Peccator, sinner and Saint, inherently flawed but forgiven and loved by God. They are also taught from their first year how they have a responsibility to serve God and love others.

Lower School classrooms are filled with joyful chants and songs, bright with the work and wonder of our students. We rejoice in the curiosity of our students’ minds and the love they express to their families, their teachers, and one another. Join us for a story or a Grammar Jingle to see what a day in the life of the Lower School includes.