Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Tyreke F.

Our “Meet Us Monday” series continues this week as we profile the members of our Class of 2019 in the weeks counting down to graduation. As we approach this milestone, we have been asking each of our wonderful 8th grade students to reflect on their time at ILS, as well as share some of their future plans, which we will be sharing these final weeks of the school year in this special series. We hope you enjoy getting to better know our wonderful students in the ILS Class of 2019 as they reminisce about their favorite memories and ILS traditions, and we thank them for taking the time to respond to our interview questions!

Meet Us Monday: Tyreke F., ILS Class of 2019

1. How long have you attended ILS?  I have attended ILS for 3 years. This school has helped me gain confidence that I will have a good life. The classical school helps me in life too and has taught me that I can do a lot of things.

2. To what house do you belong, and how have you developed as a person by being involved in it? I belong to St. Ambrose of Milan. Kendall and I are co-captains. I’m a captain in my soccer team, which I can do even better now because I’ve been working on these skills in my house. Even when it comes to talking in front of a classroom, I’m confident now and don’t worry about it like I did when I was younger.

St. Ambrose is a really fun house. We play games and bring in food. Kendall and I are nice captains, so you would probably enjoy your time in House Ambrose if you got selected to be a part of it.

3. What was your favorite House competition? Probably last year, during Field Day, when we played soccer. Soccer is my sport so it was great. Field Day is when we take a bus to a big park. All the houses play games as a competition: soccer, punt/pass/kick, balloon toss, 50 yard dash, 200 yard dash, relay races. Then we have lunch. The best moment for me was when I scored a hat trick, which is basically scoring 3 goals. People were cheering and have me high fives. I got pretty hyped and the guys came in for a group hug, which is how we celebrate.

4. What is your favorite ILS memory? (Or, which ILS tradition will you remember the most?) My favorite ILS memory is scoring the first ever goal in ILS history. It was a free kick and we were down by one. I was stepping up to take the free kick. When I shot, it hit the crossbar and went into the goal. That meant we tied with the other team. Everyone was screaming and ran at me for another group hug. Mr. Schultz had just started a soccer team that season, so it was our first goal.

My favorite traditions are anything that have to do with sports like Field Day.

Another precious memory was from a Vespers Service last year for Graduation. They announced that I won an award for Most Athletic and Great Sportsmanship. It was awesome. My aunt from Jamaica came and my mom was there and cried. I was proud.

5. Which event did you most look forward to during your 8th grade year? This is tough, but probably Graduation because my whole family will be here. Some of them are flying in from Jamaica which will be good. I haven’t seen them for awhile.

6. What was your favorite class at ILS, and why? Science. If I don’t make it as a professional soccer player, then I want to be a scientist and try to invent new things. Physical science is fascinating – anything that has to do with athletics, looking out for your health, learning great workouts, eating good foods for your health. I’d love to be an athletic trainer, like my older cousin. But mostly all I think about is my dream to be a professional soccer player. Someone out there wants that spot too, so I’m determined to work harder and become good at that level.

ILS is helping me get there because they gave me great recommendations. When I go to Bishop Ireton in the fall, of course I’m going to play soccer.

7. What was your favorite ILS field trip? Probably going to camps. Everyone goes to Science Camp in 5th and 6th grade, and Adventure Camp in 7th and 8th grade. They are super fun. Really good bonding experience. I did not care for the night hikes- I started to see weird things in the woods. I don’t like hiking in the forest at night by myself. Other than that, it was the best.

 8.  Where are you attending High School? I’m attending Bishop Ireton. The process of applying was good. I had a great shadow day and already know some people there. Financially it’s pretty expensive, and I promised to work for scholarships and do the best I can. My dad has been sick and unable to work for awhile (he had open heart surgery this spring) but is doing a lot better.  I want them to be proud. Everyday when I go to school, my mom says: “make us proud.”

 9. What will you miss the most about ILS?  Lucas. I’ll miss all my friends, but Lucas especially is going to another school in high school. I’m going to miss Mr. Schultz, Miss Davis, Ms. Kramer, Pastor Esget. I’ll miss everyone.

 Being here means that you get a good education and when you’re here, you feel like you belong here.

 10. What is something a teacher told you that you will never forget? Miss C. Davis told me that she was rooting for me, and knew that I could bring my grades up, and then I did.  That was a really reassuring moment for me, because I learned that I really could do well.