Class of 2019 Meet Us Monday: Jack B.

The clock is racing to the end of the year as we’re now just two weeks from Graduation! As we prepare to bid farewell to the graduating members of our ILS Class of 2019, we’ve asked each of them to spend some time reflecting and reminiscing with us about some of their favorite times here at Immanuel. It has been delightful to hear some of the things that they remember most about their years at ILS, and we look forward to seeing great things from each of these students as they head to high school and beyond. This week, we continue our "Meet Us Monday" series hearing from another member of our ILS Class of 2019. We hope you enjoy getting to better know our wonderful 8th graders, and we thank them for taking the time to respond and share more about themselves!

Meet Us Monday: Jack B., ILS Class of 2019

1. How long have you attended ILS? This is my 2nd year. 

2. To what house do you belong, and how have you developed as a person by being involved in it? I am a part of House Irenaeus. As captain, I’ve developed as a leader both in teaching and learning. It’s kind of challenging to make kids arrange themselves and pay attention, but it’s good when we come together to work on something. It’s a nice environment.

3. What was your favorite House competition? Probably the kickball competition, which we won by a lot. It helped us grow as a team together and we had to be bonded together to achieve victory.

4. What is your favorite ILS memory? (Or, which ILS tradition will you remember the most?) I’ll probably remember the graduation tradition- we get together and each graduate gives speeches. You see how they’ve developed as they’re heading off to high school to start something new.  

Adventure camp is my favorite tradition. When you experience the team building activities, you really get to know the other classes in a way you couldn’t before. For instance, the best part this year was playing soccer in the mud!

5. Which event did you most look forward to during your 8th grade year? Graduation! You’re about to start something new and looking forward to that, and have the chance to reflect with your friends and say farewell.

6. What was your favorite class at ILS, and why? My favorite subject is history, or literature. I really enjoy the books we’re reading. I had actually read most of them before but digging into them now exposes things I never caught before.

7. What was your favorite ILS field trip? Adventure Camp!

 8.  Where are you attending High School? I’ll be attending The Heights. It was a tough decision between schools in the end, but I’m looking forward to the chance to get to know new people. It’s further from my house and a totally new environment.

 9. What will you miss the most about ILS?  Probably all the people here who I’ve gotten to know well. We’ve had some rough times but I have some great friends here.

 10. What is something a teacher told you that you will never forget? Yes, Mr. Barnett told me: “You’ve got the potential to work, but you have to put in the effort.”