Meet Us Monday: Miss Danielle Davis, Secretary, Immanuel Lutheran Church

This week's "Meet Us Monday" features Miss Danielle Davis, fondly referred to as "the other Miss Davis!" Miss Davis is the Immanuel Lutheran Church Secretary, and works closely with the school coordinating joint school and church activities. Miss Davis is also currently teaching one of our Upper School electives. Drawing on her background in biology and health sciences, she is helping Upper School students discover the world of DNA. We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about her as she answers our 10 questions, and please stop by and say hello if you are in the church office!

What we're reading (March edition)...

March has arrived, which means that it is time for another new edition of "What we're reading..." Each month, we use this feature to share news, articles, stories or other items that we've read recently. Whether we have found to be interesting, inspiring, or otherwise thought-provoking, we hope that you will join us in reading them and sharing what you think! Please feel free to comment below on any of the articles in this month's feature, or let us know if there are other articles you think we should check out also!

In this month's review, we take a look at the Enlightenment, reason and faith; we explore the challenge of getting our minds to read; we examine the lost art of oratory; we tackle the age-old question of why the study of Latin still matters; we reflect on the value of a shared meal; and finally, we hear from our own ILS Music Teacher, Miss Marie Landskroener, as she reflects on another beautiful hymn this Lenten season.

As always, we hope that you find these articles interesting, informative or thought-provoking. We would love to hear what you think about any of these pieces, or if there are other things you've read lately that you would like to share.

Meet Us Monday: Mrs. Ruth Stone, Manager of Operations

Mrs. Ruth Stone brings a friendly smile and cheerful disposition as she adeptly handles so many of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a school as our ILS Manager of Operations! Often one of the first people visitors to ILS meet or speak to, Mrs. Stone is a welcoming presence to guests and ILS families alike. We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about her as she answers our 10 questions.

As we near the end of our "Meet Us Mondays" series for this year, we hope you have enjoyed this feature as a small way to better get to know the many outstanding members of our faculty. 

Let us know if there is another Blog Feature you'd like to see here on the ILS Blog!

Meet Us Monday: Miss Emily German, Music Teacher

We love music at Immanuel, and we are blessed to have two very talented music teachers to share their love for singing, listening, and sharing beautiful music with all our students. This week, our blog features the other half of our wonderful music teaching team and director of our Youth Choir, Miss Emily German.

We hope that you have been enjoying our "Meet Us Mondays" series and the opportunity to better know the many wonderful members of our faculty. 

What we're reading (February edition)...

We're back with another new edition of "What we're reading..." In this monthly blog feature, we share news, articles and other items that we've lately found to be interesting, inspiring, or otherwise thought-provoking.

For February, we take a look at how to read a book, writing - by hand!, faith and the development of culture, classical music and its impact, raft building & the great conversation, as well as a hymn reflection as we transition into the Lenten season.

What's on your reading list right now? Please share as we are always on the look out for new things to read that spark our imagination, educate or inform!

Meet Us Monday: Mrs. Laurie Honig, Jr. Kindergarten Teacher

We only have a few weeks to go in our "Meet Us Mondays" series as we make our way through introducing you to our outstanding team here at ILS. This week, our amazing Jr. Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Laurie Honig, answers our questions. You can find Mrs. Honig finding (and spreading) joy each day with our youngest ILS scholars as they practice good manners, celebrate Thankful Thursday, or learn new chants and songs!

We do hope that you are enjoying this series and the opportunity to get to better know the dedicated and caring faculty who love serving our students and families. If you missed any of our features, you can find them all by clicking on the "Meet Us Mondays" tag!  

Stay tuned for another faculty feature next week!

Meet Us Monday: Mrs. Amanda Morrison, Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

This week, Mrs. Amanda Morrison, our wonderful Kindergarten Assistant Teacher, takes a quick break from her busy days delighting and inspiring our young Kindergarten scholars in order to answer the questions in our "Meet Us Mondays" series. 

Every week, we hope that you check out this series and enjoy the chance to get to better know the dedicated and caring faculty who love serving our students and families. 

Stay tuned for another faculty feature next week!

Meet Us Monday: Mrs. Jenny Schmick, Jr. Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

As part of our dynamic Jr. Kindergarten classroom team, Assistant Teacher Mrs. Jenny Schmick spends her days inspiring our youngest ILS scholars. When the Jr. Kindergarten day ends, you can often find Mrs. Schmick assisting in 1st grade or one of our other lower school classrooms, and you will always see her smiling and waving to parents in the carpool line each afternoon!

This week, Mrs. Schmick continues our "Meet Us Mondays" series with her responses to our 10 questions. 

Check back next week as our series continues with another member of our outstanding faculty!

Meet Us Monday: Miss Molly Leithart, 4th Grade Teacher & Lower School Lead Teacher

 "Meet Us Mondays" continues as we share the responses of our faculty to our 10 questions to give you a chance to better know the outstanding members of our team here at ILS! 

Today, our 4th Grade Teacher and Lower School Lead Teacher, Miss Molly Leithart, tackles our questions. In addition to teaching our 4th graders, Miss Leithart works with our entire Lower School team in her role as Lower School Lead Teacher, and for the past few years, she has also helped to direct the student musical number for the Talent Show each January.

Check back next week for another feature, and enjoy!

What we're reading (January edition)...

New year, and new things to read! We are kicking off 2018 with a new edition of "What we're reading..." to share news, articles and other features that we've found to be interesting, inspiring, or otherwise thought-provoking lately.

This month, we take a look at reading (and what should we read), the "good life," changes to the federal tax code and what that means for 529 plans, beauty that can only seen by looking up, goals and habits for the new year, and more.

Have you read something lately that you've enjoyed? Please share! We're always keeping an eye out for things that spark our imagination, educate or inform!