Update from the Schultz Family

After 5 years teaching at Immanuel, Mr. Aaron Schultz and his family moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, this past summer, where Mr. Schultz is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity at Concordia Theological Seminary in preparation for ordination in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Becoming a pastor is something that had been on Mr. Schultz’s heart and mind for more than a decade. After visiting CTS last fall, he felt confident it is the Lord’s will to pursue this vocation.

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing regular updates, like the one today, from the Schultz family as they live, study and work in Fort Wayne.

Please join us in praying for Mr. & Mrs. Schultz, along with their children, Canon, Ben, Sam, and their baby boy due in November.

Walk-in-Wednesday: 1st Grade with Miss Kirstin Reistad

Each week, families interested in learning more about a classical, Christian education at Immanuel can join us for a Walk-in-Wednesday tour to see our students and teachers in action. When you step through our red doors, you will be welcomed by the joyful sounds of learning, from poems and jingles in the lower grades, to great discussions of literature and history in our older grades. Singing and music ring out from the music room, and the wonderful sights and sounds of students and teachers engaged in learning can be witnessed throughout our campus. If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit us in person and experience this for yourself, we would like to offer a virtual tour here on the ILS Blog.

Every Wednesday, we will be featuring a brief sneak peek from one of our teachers, highlighting what a visitor might observe when they walk into our classrooms. Through this, we hope to create an image of just some of what a visitor may experience if they were to stop in Jr. Kindergarten, or 3rd grade, or 8th grade Science, or 6th grade History, or any one of our classrooms at ILS. 

We are kicking off our new “Walk-in-Wednesday” series this week with an inaugural post sharing a bit of the delightful teaching and learning you may observe if you were to step into our 1st grade classroom this week! Join us as we peek into Miss Kirstin Reistad’s classroom for a glimpse at some of the delightful things our 1st grade students are studying.

We hope you enjoy, and please visit the blog each week as we share additional “Walk-in-Wednesday” features!

Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly

Educators at Immanuel Lutheran School (ILS) are noted for the ways they have been cultivated by the liberal arts Lutheran catechesis.  These two cultivating forces have shaped their souls, mind and character so that they are fully-developed educators characterized by a Christian humanitas that is captivating and contagious.  They continually pursue truth, goodness, and beauty, and recognize these as gifts from God.  Students love them and naturally want to emulate them.

Faculty seek wisdom, eloquence, and virtue, and to cultivate these in their students. Teachers at ILS recognize that they are sinful and are hopeless without Christ crucified. They hold students accountable for this shared human state, direct them to repentance, and forgive them.

ILS educators display training in the liberal arts and are always learning. This year, ILS teachers are holding 8 all-faculty meetings to discuss and reflect upon the 8 Essential Principles. The topic for the first session was Festina Lente: make haste slowly.

A Stone's Throw: Update from Mr. & Mrs. Stone

Responding to a call from the Lutheran Church - Hong Kong Synod, former ILS Manager of Operations, Mrs. Ruth Stone, along with her husband, Lyman, are now serving as missionaries in Hong Kong. Mrs. Stone serves as a missionary and English teaching assistant in a local Lutheran school, and she and Mr. Stone together volunteer their time to support school extracurriculars, church functions and Sunday school classes, Bible study, and evangelism with the Mission of Christ Network.

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing regular updates from the Stones as they embark on their work in Hong Kong.

Please join us in praying for Mr. & Mrs. Stone as they live and serve in the Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod, and especially the children, faculty, and parents in its’ associated school system.

What we're reading (October edition)...

We are almost a month into the new school year, and it is a delight to watch students and teachers settling into the joyful rhythms of learning. As we hear music and chants, jingles and poems, laughter and amazement filling our classrooms and our hallways, it is a wonderful reminder of the privilege and honor it is to partner with our families in the important and challenging work of teaching and nurturing children.

As we do each month, we’ve compiled a new edition of "What we're reading..." This is just a short collection of the many articles that our faculty and staff have read recently and found to be interesting, intriguing or otherwise thought-provoking, and that we hope our families will likewise enjoy reading.

This month, we a great line-up of articles, including pieces on artists and map making, encouraging reading through dinner time storytelling (as well as a few other great pieces on reading), human invisibility in the digital age, another look at the powerful benefits of learning to write in cursive, and more! We hope you enjoy this selection!

Have you read something lately that you think we, or other ILS families, may enjoy? As always, we love to discover new things to read and chances to learn!

What we're reading (September edition)...

Welcome back to school! We are so thrilled to commence a new school year and welcome all of our new and returning ILS students and families back to campus! As you may imagine, though busy, things are much quieter on campus over the summer, and it is a great joy to see smiling faces, hear the return of beautiful singing and music, and experience the delightful buzz of learning happening all around us.

If you're joining us here for the first time, each month we  share a new edition of "What we're reading..." here on the ILS Blog. This feature includes a variety of articles or news stories that our faculty and staff have found to be interesting, intriguing or otherwise thought-provoking. We hope you enjoy the chance to read and explore them as well!

This month, we have a variety of articles, including a look at screen time - and the encouragement to look up from our screens, ideas on nurturing a love of reading in our kids, a piece on collecting a personal library, yet another look at the importance of play, another excellent feature from Miss Marie Landskroener, our ILS Music Teacher, as well as Pastor Christopher Esget's sermon for the wedding of ILS Teachers, Mr. Shawn Barnett and Mrs. Molly (Leithart) Barnett. We hope you enjoy this selection!

We also love to hear from you! Have you read something lately that you think we, or other ILS families, may enjoy? Please leave us a note in the comments!

Teachers as Students: Reflections from Summer Conferences

Excellent teachers should themselves embody a love for learning and be constantly seeking opportunities to grow and deepen their knowledge of the subjects they teach, pedagogy, how children learn and grow, theology, and the world around us. Immanuel teachers and staff are engaged formally and informally in continued professional development and learning opportunities, and for many, this includes participation in summer conferences. 

This summer, six ILS team members traveled to Plano, Texas, to participate in the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education's 18th annual summer conference. In addition to presenting three different sessions, faculty and staff were able to attend a variety of excellent sessions on a wide range of topics. Following the conference, teachers shared their reflections on these sessions and how they may be beneficial in their classrooms in the coming school year. 

Miss Marie Landskroener, ILS Music Teacher, shares with us one of her CCLE reflections. We hope you enjoy this insight into some of the learning that our teachers undertook this summer, and how this study translates into action within our classrooms. 

What we're reading (August edition)...

As we enter August, we hope that you have been enjoying a restful summer with time for intentional and meaningful leisure. For us at ILS, that has included plenty of time for reading and reflection, which we hope that you have had the opportunity to enjoy also. And so, we have for your enjoyment, our final summer edition of "What we're reading..." (But don't worry- we'll kick off the new school year in September with a new edition - so send us any interesting things you've read this summer so that we can take a read!)

This month, we contemplate voices in mythology, a look at what schools need to do if democracy is to work, the dangers of re-writing literature, a historic discovery, and more. As always, we hope you enjoy these articles as well!

Meet Us Monday - Miss Gabriel Fickenscher, Operations Assistant

Please join us in welcoming Miss Gabriel Fickenscher as our new ILS Operations Assistant! Miss Fickenscher will be working in the ILS office, and will usually be the first person you meet when you visit or speak with on the phone when you call the school She is looking forward to getting to know all of our ILS families and students!

We've given Miss Fickenscher a chance to respond to our questions for a "Meet Us Monday" feature so that you can better get to know her! We hope you enjoy, and if you're in the school neighborhood over the summer, please stop by the office and introduce yourself!

Meet Us Monday - ILS PTL Officers: Ms. Mildred Millien, Vice President

In our 4th, and final, installment of our PTL "Meet Us Monday" feature, please meet Ms. Mildren Millien, ILS PTL Vice President. Ms. Millien previously served for two years as PTL Treasurer. This summer, we've been introducing our new ILS PTL officers for the 2018-2019 school year to give you a chance to better know the parents who are going to be serving in the coming school year!

We our so grateful for this team of parents and for their willingness to serve the school community on the PTL. Please watch your emails and ILS social media over the summer months for additional communications from the PTL, including information on upcoming events such as Los Tios Night in July and a back-to-school picnic in August on Supply Drop-off Day!

The Parent Teacher League (PTL) supports classical Lutheran education at ILS and helps to provide opportunities for parents to engage in the life of the school. Through a variety of events and activities throughout the year, the PTL helps to strengthen our sense of community as a school.